A Room for My Beloved

I got around to cleaning up bebe’s room (aka i moved all the boxes and junk into the hallway so I could take pictures). The pictures are for my own collection. I have a couple of random snapshots of the other girls nursery but I wish I had more to remember and show them, especially since we’ve since moved onto different rooms and different houses. And not just more pictures of the actual room but more pictures of them in their space (something I will note, this time around). It’s a place I have spent a lot of time in and have many memories of, it’s just all in my head. I also know that once she arrives, the room will never look this clean again, gotta perserve THAT memory! A modest house equals a modest nursery but a piece of my heart is in here, so its worth looking at.

the rug in this room will last about a week. i fully anticipate having to replace is soon with something a little more practical. It’ll be fun to use for newborn pictures!
her name has been blurred from the print (sorry!).


soon enough the frames will be filled with pictures of her

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Third Trimester

I miss writing in my little blog! I didn’t realize until I went back and started rereading all my old posts, its so nice to have a record of your life to look back on, and if anyone else finds it interesting, bonus.

I’ll be 29 weeks pregnant this week, which means in about ~11 weeks we’ll meet our baby girl. It seems so incredibly close and so far away at the same time. Preparing for number three has seemed like so much more of a task then it ever did with the others. Partly because having a homebirth requires a little more thought and practice on our part (learning laboring techniques, making our house home-birth friendly, etc.) and partly because I want this transition to be easy (if thats even possible). It’s really given us (or me) the kick in the pants to get a whole bunch of house projects finished. I get a little OCD when I’m pregnant… every little mark on a wall drives me nuts so I took it upon myself to begin a list of things that NEEDED to be done, which included painting a fence (only took 3 years to scratch that off), getting a new driveway, reconfiguring our entire basement to accommodate a new playroom, painting nearly every room in the house, several trips to goodwill to purge “junk”, finally hanging most of the artwork/photos in our home, replacing some light fixtures and getting all those little broken things, fixed. Our house looks like a disaster area most of the time, because we are always between projects but I know when its all done I’ll be able to take a deep breathe and feel good about it!

Baby girls room has become my favorite room in the house. Its just so cozy and inviting that you have to smile when you’re in it. I think it might be everyones favorite room at the moment… most times, you can walk past and find one of use reclined in her plush rocker, just relaxing (as I write this in her rocker on my laptop). Its not a big room, just a modest 11×11 box with a subtle antique, feminine, woodland theme. Despite its modesty, its my dream nursery, if I ever had one. The girls are slightly jealous (riley loves owls and insists I must do the same thing to their room). It’s crazy adorable how they’ve grown to accept the baby. They talk about her, call her by name and even call her sister. They are so eagar to touch my belly when she moves (although they’ve only been patient enough to feel her a couple times) and try to talk to her through my belly button (because its obviously the phone to my uterus, duh).
I’m impatiently, patiently waiting for her to arrive. I know I need the coming weeks for myself and she still has much growing to do, but at the same time I can’t wait to meet my beloved.

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Destination Wedding Save The Dates

If you need to get caught up, we’re getting married and we’re having a destination wedding in October, this year. You can read how it all went down, here.

First thing with planning a destination wedding is sending Save the Dates! These are important so that your guests have ample time to make travel arrangements for your wedding. Although it’s recommended you get them out 6 months before the big day, I just got mine out, 4 months before the date.

While looking for inspiration for save the dates I found a ton of fun ideas! I wanted to do them all!

Luggage Tags

Compass. I was really close to doing this. You can find the template on Martha Stewart

Paper Airplane. Also on Martha.

Post Card. By this etsy seller.

Passports. By this Etsy seller.

But in the end my sister whipped me up a design I could print out and DIY. She is a budding invitation designer, hopefully she’ll open up shop soon on Etsy too. I gave her some colors and she went to work, of course I probably made her change things 3 or 10 times but in the end I loved it! I actually ended up putting in the palm tree last minute. Initially there was a floral design, but I thought it was too feminine and not “Jamaica” enough, its a good thing I know how to use Photoshop.

I went with the boarding pass save the date idea because it was easy and cheap. I bought a pack of white card stock for $7 and printed out 3 boarding passes per 8.5 x 11″ card stock. I hand cut every one, this project would of been much easier and much better looking if I had a paper cutter. But whatever, I just wanted to get them out! I also purchased a round corner punch, unfortunately this set me back $12, but I love the way it looks with round corners. I’m sure I could of gotten something for half the price at Michael’s, but I was already at Paper Source buying the “paper bag” envelopes.

So here is the final save the date and envelope. Complete with all the details blurred out.


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Pureed Veggies in your Foods

This post might give you the impression I’m a little crazy but I swear I’m not one of those super anal mothers who only eat organic and refuse to put plastic in the microwave. I decided to puree vegetable for ME! My kids have no problem eating veggies, they actually love them, so I don’t have to hide them in their food. But, I, have a processed food, sugar and helping myself to seconds addiction. I love veggies, but not enough to just eat celery sticks for dinner and to get rid of this nice tire around my waist I have to back off the junk food a little bit. Not to mention my wedding dress is a smidge too snug and I’ve got a little over 3 months to shed a little extra love in various places.

So the idea of “hiding” more veggies in my food in place of fat or other fillers came to me when I saw the Ronzoni Garden Delight pasta at the store. What a great idea, a pasta made of veggies, it made me feel a little better about eating a bowl full of carbs more than once a week. The idea seems even better than buying whole wheat (although I haven’t thoroughly inspected the ingredients). Plus it tasted exactly the same, if not better then regular spaghetti.

So why can’t I hide veggies in my meatloaf, in my pancakes, in my mac n cheese and yes even in my cookies!

On my mission, I decided to start with carrots, which I had on hand, and a single sweet potato. First, I peeled and washed them and cut them up into small chunks. I don’t own a steamer, but I do have them handy steamer insert that Brian purchased, so I stuck the insert in a pot filled with 1 inch of water and threw everything I cut up on top of it. I put the lid on the pot and I steamed them for maybe 10-15 minutes, until I could stick a fork through them like butter.


Once they were done, I let them sit until I could touch them, but still warm, and separated the vegetables. I also, don’t own a food processor, but I do have a blender. So I first put the carrots in the blender and blended on low, adding warm water as needed to get that puree consistency. I put all the finished purees in ziplock bags to store and pour into foods as necessary.

Smells like a babies thanksgiving in here!

So my goal is too put veggies, either pureed, cut or alone in every dinner when possible. I will let you know how my first puree food goes, but tonight I’m making healthier ziti with shredded carrots , banana bites and cutting some of the butter in our cookies with applesauce.

But if you do have one of those kids that refuse to eat veggies you check out Deceptively Delicious.

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Squash Garden

Remember that little garden we had going on weeks ago when we finished the raised bed planter?

Well it ain’t so little anymore!!


Check out the size of those plants! I mean, the squash, it’s HUGE! So huge its already killed it’s neighboring tomotoe plant. So huge it’s blocking the sun light to the cucumbers, broccoli and now the strawberries! I dont even like squash that much.

This is what the plants looked like before…


Note to self, don’t plant squash within 5 ft of anything else or you’ll end up with a squash only garden.

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Sink Saga | Cast Iron Sink Refinishing

When looking for a sink we first thought we’d buy something new. I really liked the Memoirs sink by Kholer, its antique but modern at the same time. There is also an interesting toilet that goes with this collection as well I liked.


Then we took our trip to the community forklift and I fell in love with all the real old sinks. The real beat up ones ranges from $25-$50 while the nicer ones were $100 and up. Unfortunately the nice ones were limited probably because they got snagged up quick, and we were looking for a relatively small pedestal. This one was my fav at $150 but it was way too big.


After searching on craigslist for a couple of weeks I finally found a real old (1933) cast iron pedestal sink that was the right size and wasn’t in terrible condition. The only problem was since it was THAT old it still had the original double faucets (!). Yes folks, in case you didn’t know, back in the day you had two faucets to a sink. Out one was the cold and out the other was hot, no mixing it in once spout. But being as impatient as I am, we bought it for $50 and here she is when we first got her.


Lets talk about the flange (the drain). The 80 year old flange that was rusted in place. We banged we pulled, we pushed, but it wouldn’t budge. We did this for a week before we finally hack sawed the darn thing off. Finally, I could get to those rusty spots.


My original plan was to sand off any surface rust, treat it with rust preventer and touch up the spots with some white appliance paint. That plan failed. The white appliance paint just didn’t look right, the color didn’t match and the rust damage was still visible. Then I was going to get a DIY reglazing kit but nixed that idea for fear I would ruin it even further. So I sucked it up and PAID someone to do it as much as it went against my cheap, DIY core. The quotes I got were outrageous… $400 to reglaze a itty bitty sink? My lowest quote was down to $250, so again, I sucked it up and with shakey hand wrote a check for someone to professionally reglaze the sink.

The process took about 2 hours for the guy to clean the sink, strip it with acid and spray it. Then we had to wait 24 hours for it to cure before we could touch it. Do you really think I waited 24 hours? No, I am way too impatient for that plus we had to move it that night so we could install the toilet. We broke the rule and touched it and all was fine. We installed our new vintage looking but modern one spouted hardware and she looked good as new. Don’t you think?


We actually have plans for the old fixture that came with the sink. Stay tuned.

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Raised Bed Planter Completion

So remember that planter we built a couple weeks ago? Well I did get around to staining it! The fresh bright wood just stuck out too much for my liking, I wanted something a little more weathered looking with a blue tint. I had Brian go to the store and pick me out a stain and he got a dark brown color. It works!



So I know you’re suppose to apply the stain and wipe it off. But the wood just soaked it right up so no wiping or reapplying was necessary. The plants have already grown, we’ve got a seedling emerging and a strawberry plant flowering, how exciting!

If you’d like more info on how we built the planter you can go here!

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